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The SAUEO is collaborating with experts and gearing up to assist businesses to alleviate the immediate impact of the national lockdown, build financial resilience to weather the economic downturn that will no doubt follow, and establish sustainability beyond.

To this end, we will from now on continuously announce a number of expert webinars, and make a myriad of critical tools and information available to support businesses through each phase of the COVID-19 crisis, as it unfolds. The topics for discussion and areas of support were purposefully identified in a manner that ensures we cover all the critical pillars of sustainable business.

Considering that 'survival' is currently first and foremost in every business leader's mind, we would like to offer you this opportunity for a series of five free business finance health checks, that collectively provide a 360-solution for immediate financial relief.

Check 1: Free assessment to verify whether the business entity could qualify for any funded relief

Check 2: Free consultation - call to assess whether the business entity could qualify for other funding options within the normal banking or non-banking environment

Check 3: Free consultation - call to assess requirements for future business income security and financial assistance

Check 4. Free consultation - call to identify and assist directors/members/trustees/sole proprietors with personal portfolio cash flow solutions or debt relief

Check 5. Free business insurance and assurance portfolio review for optimal value

To schedule a call or virtual meeting for any of the above complimentary checks, please complete the questions below.

(Please note that the receiving party shall not use the confidential information of the disclosing party for purposes other than in direct relation with the purposes stated herein).