Best of Gurnee 2022

Best of Gurnee started in 2016 as a business recognition campaign that awards and recognizes businesses, large and small, national and local, for exemplary contributions to building and bettering our wonderful community! Businesses may be nominated in two categories - Paying It Forward and Bringing Me Home.

The BRINGING ME HOME award recognizes businesses that foster a sense of community pride by infusing excellence into their business operations. Factors for consideration might include exemplary customer/client service; community involvement and leadership; operational excellence; investment in business growth; property enhancement; recognition by peers; environmental stewardship; or corporate responsibility. Evidence of long-term, sustained commitment to these ideals will be weighted heavily.

The PAY IT FORWARD award recognizes businesses that recognize community needs - in Gurnee and beyond- and meet them with compassion, generosity and courage. Factors for consideration might include a commitment to social service objectives; support of public safety or health initiatives; mentoring of young people via educational institutions; local hiring especially among those with barriers to employment; or corporate initiatives to address national or global challenges.