Arts Audiences Survey


Thank you for taking the time to complete my survey. Your answers provide valuable feedback in the creation of my MFA thesis project.

My proposed project is titled "Awakened" is an interactive [AR]t installation with an augmented reality (AR) experience inspired by art, science and technology.

A collection of quantum inspired artworks created (by myself) are paired with a choose-your-own adventure narrative that explores the implications of Quantum physics through the concepts of free will (choice), consciousness (awareness), collective consciousness (our connection to one another), and the reality we experience.

The experience is designed to present narrative decisions to people aided by visual art and AR technology, they follow an exponential growth pattern that requires them to consider how their choices create their reality and revealing how they contribute to the collective reality of others, leaving them “awakened” to their potential and accountability in creating a world the wish to experience.

Thank you,

Julie A. Davis Veach

MFA Candidate | Graduate School of Web Design and New Media | Academy of Art University, San Fransisco, CA